Mionbel wireless bone conduction headphones with mic
wireless bone conduction bluetooth headphones wireless bone conduction bluetooth headphones
open-ear bone conduction waterproof headphones open-ear bone conduction waterproof headphones

Time to Get rid of these bad feelings


Easy to fall for Sport


Not aware of your surroundings


Swollen and painful for long-term wear

Why Bone Conduction Headphones?


Suitable for a variety of sports

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Be aware of your surroundings

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Protectiong your inner ear

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 Perfect for moms and multitasking

I bought these bone conduction headphones for my wife because she likes listening to music or audio books but regular earbuds block out too much noise when she is home caring for the kids or helping them with homework. She says these are perfect because she can listen to her music or book (and knows the kids can’t hear it if it’s not kid friendly content) but her ears are still free so she can hear when a kid or dog needs her.
They are NOT well suited for high vibration environments (riding a ferry or airplane) but are great for at home, the car, biking or working outside.


 Good enough at great price

Audio quality is great for running / workout music. Audiobooks/podcasts can be less good at low volume. At higher volume you get a little more noise audible by people close by than with competitors. However, build quality and fit are great, and at about 1/3rd to 1/2 the price these are a great alternative to competitor brands and I think you'll be happy with them for workouts and as a good entry to bone conduction headphones

SC Buyer

 You really can hear clear even though they are not in your ear.

I was skeptical when I saw an ad for these earphones that don't go in the ear. I have tried many different types of ear phones and ear buds, I hated them all. I just don't like anything in my ear. So I figured I would give these a try, they are amazing. I hear everything crystal clear. Easy to turn off and on, volume control is great, and I can use them all day without recharging. These are highly recommended.

Dawna Douglas
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